Friday, April 1, 2011

Where have you been?

It sure has been awhile since I blogged. Our laptop charger wasn't working and I didn't feel like "blogging" on an IPhone. I love to write and get some of the crazy thoughts out of my head. I am not a writer, just enjoy doing so. What I'm trying to say is simply this, I'll put a comma where I choose, I'll CAPITALIZE just because and I'll spell it like I want. This is it....enjoy!

My baby boy will be 8 months old in 2 weeks. How can this be? I must have went into a coma and when I awoke, which seems like a week later; in front of me sat a chubby little boy trying to army crawl. I never thought one of the loves of my life would be bawled, toothless and poop his pants. :)

My daughter, Jacey, is THREE! She starts preschool this fall and should be getting her driving permit. Oh wait...did I say three? I meant sixteen. She is sassy, tells it like it is, never sugar coats anything, bosses her brother, tries to pick her own bedtime etc. Every day with her never ceases to amaze me. She is probably one of the funniest people I know. Yeah, that's saying something because I'm pretty funny myself. :) She is wonderful and I love her spunk! She and Jagger are what drives me!

We talk about Jaxon and explain that he is with Jesus. She had a couple friends over and they saw his picture and asked her who he was. I thought about changing the subject or sweeping in to her rescue and bailing her out. Before I ever even had a chance she said with the upmost pride, " that's my bwutha Jaxon and he is in Heaben"! And, just as quickly as she said it, they were on to something else.

Jacey doesn't always like to wear bows and pink. Most times she says that she wants to be a boy. I hope it's a phase! Anyway, she was throwing a fit the other day about how she was not a girl. I finally said, "jacey, you will never be a boy because Jesus made you just the way you are, he made you a girl!". She looked me straight in the eyes and said, "mommy, Jaxon will make me a boy on saturday". Who knew that my sweet angel had more authority then God himself. :)

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  1. Love this!!! U r such a good mommy. All 3 of ure kids are so blessed to have u and Brian as their parents!!