Thursday, November 18, 2010

Did I hear you say cupcake?

Most of you know that I joined weight watchers.  It came to the point that if one more person said, "I didn't know you were expecting again?" or "When is your baby due?", I might have just freaked punch them in the face.  In my defense, I did just have a baby 3 months ago.  Oh, and I had three kids in 3 years!  That is never good on a body.  I could go on and on about resons I am the *weigh* that I am.  =)  Truth is, I just got comfortable.  It's not that I am huge but I don't feel pretty anymore and that's a problem because I am GORGEOUS!

I realized it was time to do something different when I was driving home from Enid, one hand was on the steering wheel while the other held tightly to a chicken leg (crispy) from KFC.  A semi passed me and I waved my chicken leg at him.  WHAT!  Who does that!  I bet that had never happened to him before.  I wasn't sure if I should cry or laugh at what I had just done. 

So, last week was my first meeting.  I am not quite ready to put my starting weight for all of you to see, but I will at some point.  I am almost sure that the lady gasped when I got on the scales.  (For the record, this didn't happen) I sat through the meeting looking at all the people around me.  There was one that was , close to my age but she didn't talk, which means she hated me.  As for the rest, they were in the 70's and 80's.  Yep, as if my self esteem wasn't shattered enough due to the semi vs. chicken leg incident, I am the only 20 something in the world that has a weight issue and has joined weight watchers.

When Bryan pulled up last week and dropped me off, I was so nervous to go in.  He said, "have a good time and I'll be back."  I looked at him and said, "I feel like this is the first day of a new school....where is my damn back pack?"  We both just laughed.  I walked up to the door and hoped that no one would notice that I slipt in.  Yeah, right!  The stupid door was locked, I guess I went to the wrong one.  So, guess who had to bang on the glass door and flag the whole group over so that some one could unlock it?  Yep, ME!  Once I got in and looked around and saw all of the elder generation there, I asked, " this the weight watcher class?"  Yeah, pretty sure that when I go in there tonight they will glare me down. 

Anyway, stay tuned because tonight we will see if I have lost anything.  I am not sure how well I will do because my Aunt was ill and she passed away, but while waiting for her to get better I found the vending machine!  I know, there is another excuse.  And, let's face it...I have high anxiety and when I get stressed I eat.  There is a skinny girl inside me, but I can usual shut her up with a cupcake.  =(


  1. Good luck, Missy! I just lost 45 lbs, and it's hard work, but so worth it!! I used the Lose It app for my iPhone to lose my weight, which is basically just counting calories. You'll do great, and you ARE gorgeous!!! :)

  2. Missy for starters I think you are absolutely beautiful just the way you are. But being a thick woman I understand completely about wanting to lose a few. You are gonna do it and feel wonderful that I have no doubt. I have complete faith in you :) Also, I love your blogs they make me smile. Love you girl! I'm cheering you on!

  3. Oh, Missy you do so make me smile! You are a gorgeous person inside and out. Where are you going to weight watchers? I have lost about 80 pounds since Steve passed away 3 years ago. I want to lose more so maybe we can inspire each other to keep at it. Keep the blogs coming I love them.

  4. I also love you blog!! You made me laugh and kind of freaked me out a bit like you were writing what i am thinking..LOL.. I AM NOT ALONE. HE HE..As reading your blog i decided to start all over and read it aloud to my mom as well. HEHE we giggled! You are a BEAUTIFUL mommy and wife and friend! I hope your weight tonight went GREAT! I cant wait for you to get on here and share you victory!! Looking forward to your next amazing, funny, and inspiring BLOG!!